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Weaving Classes

Weaving room at Point Michaud

Ever thought about learning to weave?

Combine your sea-side holiday with an introduction to weaving. For guests staying a week or more Del offers a basic introduction to weaving that will send you home with an understanding of the craft and a scarf or a small table mat to prove it.

For 5 mornings you will receive 3 hours of instruction and assistance in the Grey Seal Weaving Studio that occupies the ground floor of the Point Michaud Guest House. You'll help plan your project, set up the loom, practice techniques and weave your piece.

Your afternoons and evenings are free for you to enjoy the beach, take some day trips, relax on the deck or work on your loom.

Overlooking the deck and the shore the weaving studio is spacious, light-filled and well-equipped. Whether you're working or relaxing with a book from the library you'll find the studio a source of inspiration and pleasure.

Classes are limited to 2 students, $270 per class plus materials.

Experienced weavers, ask about special projects and studio fees for non-class studio use.